Thursday, June 1, 2017

JSON Shortcuts - Line Operations and Selection

Find out basic keyboard shortcuts of JSON for line operations and selection action through the list below.

JSON shortcuts

JSON Shortcuts - Line Operations

Ctrl-DCommand-DRemove line
Alt-Shift-DownCommand-Option-DownCopy lines down
Alt-Shift-UpCommand-Option-UpCopy lines up
Alt-DownOption-DownMove lines down
Alt-UpOption-UpMove lines up
Alt-DeleteCtrl-KRemove to line end
Alt-BackspaceCommand-BackspaceRemove to linestart
Ctrl-BackspaceOption-Backspace, Ctrl-Option-BackspaceRemove word left
Ctrl-DeleteOption-DeleteRemove word right
---Ctrl-OSplit line

JSON Shortcuts - Selection

Ctrl-ACommand-ASelect all
Shift-LeftShift-LeftSelect left
Shift-RightShift-RightSelect right
Ctrl-Shift-LeftOption-Shift-LeftSelect word left
Ctrl-Shift-RightOption-Shift-RightSelect word right
Shift-HomeShift-HomeSelect line start
Shift-EndShift-EndSelect line end
Alt-Shift-RightCommand-Shift-RightSelect to line end
Alt-Shift-LeftCommand-Shift-LeftSelect to line start
Shift-UpShift-UpSelect up
Shift-DownShift-DownSelect down
Shift-PageUpShift-PageUpSelect page up
Shift-PageDownShift-PageDownSelect page down
Ctrl-Shift-HomeCommand-Shift-UpSelect to start
Ctrl-Shift-EndCommand-Shift-DownSelect to end
Ctrl-Shift-DCommand-Shift-DDuplicate selection
Ctrl-Shift-P---Select to matching bracket
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